Let’s Get This Straight

If you were offered a pill that would greatly reduce your chance of getting Alzheimer’s, would you take it?
If you were offered a pill that greatly reduced your chances of getting Cardiovascular disease, would you take it?
If you were asked to take a pill to negate the chances of getting osteoporosis as you age would you take this?
And if we added a whole bunch of other diseases to this, and told you the whole thing required just the one pill again would you take it?
I feel confident that almost everyone will answer yes thus far.
So we need to go a little further. Perhaps you find it unlikely that such a thing exists, in any variant? You are, for the moment at least, right.
The natural question then is, would you give money, through fundraising, investing whatever the case me be to bring this to pass?
I still think that most are on-board.

There are very many very serious scientists such as George Church in Harvard for example, who are currently tackling all of these illnesses, you will be delighted to know.
They are being tackled under the umbrella of fighting aging!
Now for some reasons, mostly because of the magnitude of deviation to all our taken for granted assumptions about the matter, this is where some people will draw back.
Its not for me this idea of battling aging, its unnatural, its too weird etc.
But, lets be really clear, all that is being done is tackling these diseases that share an underlying cellular degeneration causation. Some people in this movement have spent years arguing how this can be marketed to the masses – and it is very difficult to fight this deeply ingrained psychology of the inevitability of old age and associated death

But, lets be clear, again, this is the greatest urgency of the twenty first century, real impacts on the degenerative aspects of aging are inevitable as any modestly honest look at the trajectory of understanding and treatment in this field will tell you (the only question is when – and that will be decided by you) …. I suggest you investigate the science yourself, avoid charlatans, of course, but don’t assume everyone is, either; and when you find science you believe matters, help it…..help yourself to realise the cures to these diseases and to the mother ship of all diseases – age related degeneration!

Martin O'Dea

About Martin O'Dea

Martin O’Dea lives in Dublin, Ireland. His interests and writings are varied and include areas relating to human development through technological and biological advances, as well as the economics and politics of rapid technological advance. His first novel is 'Beyond the Subjectivity Trap'.