Choose Life

Your most cherished loved one is in a horrible car crash
The news initially is really not good….major head trauma…they are unlikely to make it
As the hours pass things start to get a lot better
In fact, in a matter of months they have a full recovery, except for one major difficulty – they have no memories from before the accident
They are still themselves, physically, they have full restoration but the memories will never come back
However, they can make new memories, and you and others can help to fill in the blanks, to tell them all about their lives to that point and to help them into the future
This is better than you first thought: right?

This is what I see when I see someone lowered into the ground right now
Even if we could at least make the effort to store DNA in an institution into the future, my book on consciousness argues that with just this and a limitless amount of time into the future of technology what I describe above is the minimum that is achievable
Now keep in mind two things.
When you sleep time doesn’t go so slow as when you lie awake for 8 hours
When you are under an anaesthetic there seems very little passing of time at all, you go under and you come to
When you are in a coma there is almost no time loss …we all know the jokes about people awaking still mentally in the year they entered the coma
The lesser the brain activity the lesser the sense of time lapse….so what if you’re dead, with zero brain activity for an indefinite amount of time, for you, you just go under and come to, instantaneously.

The second thing I would like you to keep in mind, is how difficult bereavement is, and how much we try desperately to believe that we will see the deceased again, somehow, but even for the most devout the tears betray their doubts

In truth there should be much more done with all this and funeral directors should offer cryonics of at least the brain, MRI and any other manor of information of the person should be stored in a perennial institute, stored information in one of the manners currently available that can last almost indefinitely

And funeral directors or someone else can offer bandwidth so we can leave video diaries in the knowledge that on our loved one’s clocks they are already watching them in a sense; as well as offering us the therapeutic benefits through bereavement of chatting repeatedly with the departed

Martin O'Dea

About Martin O'Dea

Martin O’Dea lives in Dublin, Ireland. His interests and writings are varied and include areas relating to human development through technological and biological advances, as well as the economics and politics of rapid technological advance. His first novel is 'Beyond the Subjectivity Trap'.